Creation Plenitude – Abundance Plena

Dear cosmic traveler,

Creation Plenitude - Abundance Plena

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Recently I did a lecture and asked people: How much do you want? One person said, enough. Shit, I did a lecture, 2 hours, and after all, the person still says “enough.”


Ah, off course, to experience the True Abundance, we must experience the false abundance. Oops, how is it? Yes, We want money to have the life of our dreams. Much money is good, right? But, but, but. But?


All this is part of duality, poverty and abundance, and if you reflect, misery is abundance of nothing. I watch the difficulty of people in relation to this and say just enough, as if money were bad. Yeah, but it’s not, money is an energy like any other, only one aspect. But?


What is its relation with Abundance Plena? Well, everything. For you to enjoy Abundance Plena, which is the True Abundance, you must live the lack and, so to speak, the great abundance, accumulate, and this lot of things that we see around. Capixe? Living misery (abundance of nothing) and the abundance we all know (abundance of it).


Having abundance of all things, does not show that you know live Abundance Plena, the True Abundance. This shows that you are living Abundance of Abundance in 3D (lol).


Most of us have experienced both sides and do not know how to take the next step and experience something completely different.


When you recognize both sides of the abundance on you, here in 3D, you’re ready to live the True Abundance, Abundance Plena, which is nothing more than: “Their desire is done master.” When you reach this stage, at any time, any life whatsoever, you will not have problems of abundance. The word abundance disappears from the dictionary.


How?  In Abundance Plena, True Abundance, you do not need to accumulate, not what you can not, but not the flagship, you feel that everything is already there, anything. Understand? Your “desire” is an order. Ah, but is not a requirement as you know, is something else and you’ll discover what it is.


If the abundance of abundance, greed, was a sign of mastery or enlightenment, all these millionaires would be enlightened. I want to see them express anything without a cent in his pocket, yeah, I see how it is. They can not, ever.


I like to use the word Plenitude of Creation that even Abundance Plena, and returned to the absolute confidence. While you are worried with your human needs, you will be far from the Plenitude of Creation.


But, always, but to get there, a small release process is needed. So we start?


Remember, everything, everything is made by you and for you. So, who are you?


I am Mauro Muller, I exist




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